Control the visibility of your biggest cost bucket

Headcount makes up 70% of a company's spend while tools like Coupa and Concur manage less than 15% of this amount. Why not have a tool to help you control and provide visibility to your biggest operating expense bucket?

The Problem

There is no one single source of truth for all of your headcount (current, approved and hiring). HRIS, ATS, Planning documents all need to be manually reconciled to understand your headcount forecast.

The Solution

TruePlan integrates with the HRIS and the ATS and allows you to layer your headcount plan on top of your existing hires. With data validation and analytical functionality, you can get your headcount forecast as well as your workforce metrics off the shelf.

Focus on your top line drivers

Move away from traditional rigid headcount plans to TruePlan's dynamic headcount planning by tying your headcount plans to your company's operations.

Free Up Bandwidth

Free up 30% of bandwidth spent on headcount planning to focus on operational strategy.

Get Time Back

Eliminate hours of meeting time spent gathering job requirements and status updates.

Automated Planning

Automated financial planning for 60-70% of the Company's operating expenses.

Free Up Visibility

Directly integrated candidate status visibility from recruiting to control onboarding workflows.

Enterprise-grade security you can rely on

Role-based Permissions
Data encrypted at rest and in-transit
Sensitive data restricted to key users
Dedicated data hosting per client
SOC 2 Compliant

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