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Why are we building TruePlan?

June 30, 2021

Mike, Jimmy, and I met at Flexport, a digital freight forwarding startup that experienced incredible growth to unicorn status.

During our time there (2017-2020), the company headcount grew from 200 to 2,200 employees and we experienced growing pains around headcount planning and reconciliation.

After researching best practices for headcount planning and management of the plan throughout the year with Finance and Recruiting leaders across the valley, we found that all companies were managing headcount manually via Google Sheets or attempting to use non-budget owner-friendly FP&A software (leading to finance still having to collect inputs using Google Sheets).

We realized if there was a platform to automate headcount workflows and create the single source of truth for current and planned headcount, it could drive real-time, cross-functional collaboration between Finance, Recruiting, and the Budget Owners throughout the company to support responsive workforce planning.

TruePlan Founders: Dan, Jimmy (& Compton), Mike

Headcount represents 60-70% of a company’s operating expenses, but there is a lack of control and transparency.

Agility is highly prioritized in the current business ecosystem, and current programs and systems for headcount fail to reconcile information in one central source or give visibility of requests and approvals.

With the growing complexity of planning and collaboration, especially with higher employee turnover and remote work, current headcount management processes are unsustainable.

Together, we identified the following pain points companies currently face: 

  • Hard to reconcile sources of headcount information (HRIS, ATS, Google Sheets Hiring Plan)
  • Request and approval processes often break and can lead to overhiring.
  • Lack of control and visibility over what the headcount forecast is. 

And so that’s what TruePlan aims to solve. We offer a self-service tool for company department heads to minimize operating expenses, prevent unnecessary hires, and streamline headcount approval while adding transparency to the process. 

TruePlan Team July Offsite in San Francisco

Dan Green, CEO

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