TruePlan UI/UX Redesign

July 26, 2021

Understanding how your people and data fit together is core to TruePlan’s design. 

From the finance team to recruiters, budget owners, to HR managers, everyone should be on the same page regarding the company’s headcount expenditures and expectations.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce TruePlan’s new UI and UX. Focusing on the user experience allows us to design org charts, recruiting tools, and data visualizations that are easy to understand and use without prior training or onboarding. 

It’s also an excellent opportunity to push our snazzy new logo and website out into the world. 

Requesting Heads

The headcount request process is the cornerstone of TruePlan, so we went back to the drawing table to understand the best way to provide clear, transparent information at a glance regarding approvals, requests, and status.

Issues We Addressed: 

  1. The status and category of hires should be instantly clear at first glance
  2. Approval flow for each candidate needs to be visible on the hire request page
  3. Scenarios and financial planning should be integrated with requesting hires
  4. Requesting process should be clear and simple without extensive training


  1. Hires are automatically categorized into three dropdown groups (planned hires, submitted requests, and existing team)
  2. Unique icon for each candidate stage, with mouse-over for detailed approval flow information
  3. Visual display showing the potential impact of planned new hires on total metrics
  4. Clearly-labeled buttons and updated UX experience

Data To The User

Balancing the need for simple, at-glance transparency with the ability to deep-dive into the data and deliver insights is a careful process. 

Problems We Addressed: 

  1. Important insights should be visible at a glance
  2. There needs to be a focus on changes in the critical metrics over the last quarter
  3. Using the insights panels should require no additional training and be easy to understand.
  4. There should be an option to go deep into individual statistics


  1. Starting FTEs, New Additions, and Departed are the first things on the Insights page and are followed by lists of company growth and attrition
  2. Metrics such as Offer Acceptance rate, Offer to In-seat Timing, and 
  3. Graphs and groups are clearly labeled and titled, with in-depth information put behind the “drill down” option
  4.  Left-clicking on a metric allows in-depth tracking of statistics week-by-week

Charts Charts Charts

Problems We Addressed: 

  1. Charts should be clear and focus on the positions first
  2. Approved hires and in-progress requests should be reflected in the org chart
  3. Filtering should be simple and filters able to be saved
  4. Jobs and information should be editable from org chart


  1. Ordering system with dropdowns provides a clean and clear visualization of staff.
  2. Headcount requests planning and status reflected in the graph
  3. Simple filtering system using check-boxes for roles.
  4. Click on any user or request to edit all information you would be able to from the dashboard.

Actions and Aesthetics

Problems We Addressed: 

  1. Menus were not immediately clear.
  2. Metrics and data were not emphasized or highlighted.
  3. Colors lacked contrast and weren’t modern.


  1. Color-coded users and systems.
  2. Approval flows and approval process made cleaner and more informative (hover over status symbols for information breakdown).
  3. Menus and buttons are simplified, and essential metrics put center stage.

We’re hoping TruePlan’s new UI/UX provides a clean, transparent headcount planning and forecasting tool for all departments.

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