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New: Activity Feed makes it easier to understand what’s going on in your organization

September 29, 2021

At TruePlan, we’re big on transparency and that includes knowing what’s happening within your team at all times. That’s why we created the Activity Feed—your one-stop-shop for viewing all of the events happening in one central place.

Whether you’re new to TruePlan or a TruePlan power user, the Activity Feed is the best way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. View the Activity Feed from your dashboard and filter it out by the events you want to see.

Types of Activities

We know it’s important to you to have a record of actions you’ve taken in the past as well as knowing what your team has been up to. We’ve created a variety of activities that should help  you help you better understand events that have happened:

Departures: Stay up to date on who's leaving your team.

Request Sent: Never miss a request that you need to review.

Approved Headcount: Keep a record of all headcount that has been approved historically.

Rejected Requests: Understand when and from what team headcount has been rejected.

Retracted Request: Visibility into the members of your team’s activity when they are making changes to requests.

Recruiter Assigned: Keep up to date on when a recruiter will start working on an approved hire.

Unassigned Recruiter: Understand easier if someone is no longer working on an approved hire.

Offer Issued: Know when offers have been issued to candidates.

Role Change: Understand who’s been added as owners to groups and what role they’ve been assigned.

Make Filters Work For You

To make it easier to see the type of event you want to see, we’ve included a variety of filters that will help you drill down into the specifics.

Try the New Activity Feed

With the new Activity feed, you can stay up-to-date with all of the actions you and your team are making to help you focus on the important work. Try this new feature—and more—in TruePlan today.

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