October 26, 2021

Get the Information You Need: Introducing the New Justification Template


In today’s fast moving environment, it’s hard to stay on the same page and ensure you’re collecting the same information and level of detail needed across many different people and organizations during your headcount planning process—and it becomes even more complex as your company grows.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature and capability called the Justification Template. Similar in concept to creating a business case for a new hire, the new Justification Template allows an admin of an account to customize a series of questions that are needed to collect the needed information to make smart hiring decisions.

Customize Your Justification

Previously, when an employee would go through the request process within TruePlan, they were presented with a single field that had the user put some open-ended justification in a blank text field without any context. With the new Justification Template, you have the ability to set any number of custom questions that will show up during that process. You can mark the questions as required (meaning, the employee will need to fill out these questions before proceeding) or you can set them as optional and the employee will decide if they need to provide that information.

Some example questions and typical use cases for adding a justification template would be:
  • How will this new hire impact your team’s or the company’s goals?
  • Providing a space for a hiring manager to add a link to a job description
  • Have other alternatives been considered before making this request?

Separate out Backfills vs Net-New Requests

We understand that backfills can go through a less-rigorous approval process so we’ve added a way to separate out justification templates for backfills vs. net-new requests. This goes through the same process as you normally would for setting up the template.

Try the New Justification Template

You will see this new capability in Workflow Settings today. Give this a try today and we’ll love to hear from you on any feedback you have. If you decide the feature is not right for you, you can always turn it off and your previous justifications on roles will be preserved.

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