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Introducing our Org Series

March 3, 2022
Trevor Shanklin

The early days of a startup are exhilarating! You have a great idea, a small and focused team and maybe even some funding to execute your vision. Progressing further still, maybe you’re able to get an offering out of the door leading to a bit of early growth. You find your product-market fit and your dreams are all falling into place.  

Early success is a startup founder’s dream, but without an adequate foundation to support it things can fall apart quickly. The best way to lay the groundwork is by building a world-class team to drive it forward. To get the right team in place you’ll need to consider the ideal plan for building and structuring your team. Much like iterating the new features for your product you’ll need to do the same for your organization.

So, where do you begin? 

Unfortunately, there is no singular answer since every circumstance is unique. Multiple factors can cloud the decisions and delay your efforts; It is this lack of clarity that plagues founders with over 74% being concerned with hiring good talent, which is largely founded given that 17% of startups ultimately fail due to not having the right team in place.

Even knowing this, it’s easy to waiver on the importance of intentional, quality hiring. The question remains: “What is optimal for my company?” The best step forward is to examine how others have chosen to move through this tricky space, and what is on the other side. 

TruePlan is here to help. We’re launching our Organization Structure blog series to pull the curtain back on the best approach to team build+hire+structure. You’ll have the necessary checkpoints at your fingertips to address planning and adding on to each subteam in a step-by-step guide. This upcoming series will also dive into exactly when and how to begin scaling specific functions based on insights and data from industry leaders. The specific areas we’ll cover in our journey include:

  • Finance
  • People (Talent and HR)
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product
  • Customer Support/Success
  • Engineering

As the leader in the headcount management space, TruePlan is suited to pass along the most important and efficient practices to our clients. It’s our ability to offer these types of insights that have made us successful; it is our duty and pleasure to share these insights with you to improve our industry environment and community.

We hope you’ll enjoy the results of our study each week. If you’re ready to start building your organization and want to learn more about how TruePlan can help then book a quick 15-minute demo with us today!

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