Introducing an Easier Way to Request and Approve

August 19, 2021

Our goal is collaboration.

All interested parties in a company should be able to communicate employees and budgets on one platform, seeing the same headcount spreadsheets and metrics with a single source of truth.

That’s why we’re proud to announce today that Trueplan’s new Request and Approval flow is being pushed live with changes designed to make planning, requisitioning, and confirming headcount as effortless as possible.

Improved Visibility

In a world of remote and hybrid work, it ‘s more important than ever for organizations to have the tools they need to create seamless workflows and increased visibility. With the new request and approval flow, admins, owners of a company, or owners of a department can easily see requests coming in, where they’re stuck in the approval process, and easily approve or deny ones that make the most sense for their strategy.

Understand the Impact

With the new request and approval flow, it’s easier for budget owners to create a strategy on who you are hiring and the impact those hires will have on your team. During the request process, roles you’re selecting to send for approval will show metrics at the top such as the impact to your current team size, the percentage your team makes up compared to the company, the annual cost increase of the roles you are requesting, and the total annual cost of those roles.

The same goes for the approval process - we pull these metrics in so you as a owner can make the right decisions for your business.

Increased Flexibility

We’re excited to introduce the ability to select only the roles you want to submit for approval and store the rest in your drafts so you can strategize and be opportunistic on hiring when the time is right for you. On the approval side, the same goes for you - only approve the roles you have an answer to immediately and you can always leave the rest so you and your team can work together to make the right decisions.

Get Started with our new Request and Approval Flow

Forget complicated tools restricted to one department. Forget waiting half a year to implement a system that requires another month to fully onboard. You will see this new flow in TruePlan starting today.

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