Headcount Planning

Headcount Targets and Hiring Plan Changes

Megan Hemmings

Changing market conditions have companies rethinking their hiring plans for the year - leading many to reduce their planned growth or freeze hiring altogether. If your company is facing changing hiring plans, TruePlan’s Headcount Target feature can help. 

Simply put, Headcount Target allows companies to set up guardrails for their hiring plans. Once activated, hiring managers can quickly see how many more heads have been allotted to their department for the year, allowing them to plan their requests accordingly.

Headcount Target in TruePlan lets you set goals for the headcount of each team and track progress towards these headcount goals.

Alternatively, if your company is facing layoffs, Headcount Target allows admins to set adjusted headcount goals for the company or by department that allow those involved to see the full impact layoffs will have.

As your plans change, TruePlan tracks these changes through new cycles, creating a retrospective lookback for the year of how your plans evolved.

Achieving company-wide alignment on hiring plans is not easy, especially when the plans change quickly. We’ve made it easy to capture and share hiring goals across the company and on a departmental level. To find out more, read our help center article or schedule a demo.

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