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TruePlan’s platform helps your teams collaborate, plan and report on headcount with dynamic org charts, a centralized headcount ledger, integrated approval flows and recruiter tooling. All on one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Why TruePlan

TruePlan provides: 

Collaboration, visibility, and control of your headcount planning process
Real-time metrics on how your headcount goals are progressing
All your ATS and HRIS data in one place
Increased productivity for your hiring managers and recruiters

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What Customers are Saying

If you feel like things are getting chaotic across organizational planning and insights and you are struggling to get consensus across the organization, then get on TruePlan.

Sean Hassell, Recruiting Manager

The biggest and best change to our headcount planning process since we moved to TruePlan is that we can see all existing headcount and future headcount in one view.

Sierra Kaslow, Interim Head of Recruiting